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She leads a somewhat green life, as a sometimes vegetarian with a concern for the rain forest and a love of animals.

The oldest of George’s kids is Derek (Michael Seater).

This self-righteous girl felt that she had the perfect life, until her mom married George.

It was especially true for the character Truman in Season 4 as well as some displeasure at Emily becoming Derek's girlfriend in Season 4.

They're not just dirty and forbidden, and thus sexy, they're compatible and adorable and pretty much perfect." The cast have been fairly supportive of the pairing.

In a Life With Derek podcast, Michael Seater and Ashley Leggat (who plays Derek and Casey), actually act out a piece of Dasey fanfic ("Out of the Blue").

Sugah66 describes her feelings in a open letter to Daphne: "... (Ridiculous in the kind of way that seriously angers me - I mean, did you even watch the past four seasons?

) And if you don't already know how much everyone in the fandom hates Truman, you've been sitting in a cave on Mars with your eyes shut and your fingers plugging up your ears. I spent every episode hoping he'd get hit by a bus.) I mean, if you feel the need to continually remind us that they're dating, you know it's because we don't buy it.... I can't be stopped from shipping Derek/Casey, no matter what you throw at me...

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This preppy girl likes to dance, sing, and act, and can also be a somewhat of a perfectionist.

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