Dating a party girl

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Know that getting drunk has consequences like getting into arguments, going home with the wrong guy and dancing on the bar or even worse.Be mindful that everything you do can be recorded and uploaded to social media.Skin can even feel oily and dry at the same time," found."Additionally, your skin will lose elasticity, be dull and will wrinkle if this is a common occurrence." You may also experience dehydration and experience a change in your moods because of your lifestyle.If you want more than one drink, get a coffee instead or get some fresh air to change your perspective.Word gets out pretty quick if you are the party girl.

Some men will prey on the party girl because they know she's vulnerable. Having fun is one thing, but you don't want to be in a situation where you will be in danger of having unsafe sex or being assaulted.Besides the hangovers, here are 6 dangers of being the party girl.If you're a sloppy drinker you don't want your interactions with colleagues or strangers to be a disaster.You may recall how you fumbled in a bar's dirty bathroom while putting on lip gloss and talking to strangers about your ex.Maybe it's memorable, but regrettable, most definitely.

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Before you go "Whoo-hoo, a party," you might want to pump the breaks for a second and recognize that everything has consequences.

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