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Dating an athlete

If you do so, your partner will feel wretched and unable to focus on his/her game.Worse still, he/she may have second thoughts about you as a partner since a large part of an athlete’s daily routine is spent on training.If you have been used to a hectic party scene earlier, such early curfew hours and strict avoidance of certain foods and drinks may seem unnecessary and even irritating.Outdoor activities However what you might lack in nightlife, you are sure to make up with an enjoyable time in the outdoors.He/she is likely to have a well-toned body and thus immensely attractive to the opposite sex.Most athletes move with a physical ease which is the result of long hours at training or the gym.

Try to attend as many games and athletic events that your partner is participating in, or at least the important ones.

At the same time, I think he's becoming less and less idealistic, and I worry that my concerns about our future (for example, where he'll go, what I'll do, whether or not we'll be able to trust each other without jealousy taking the upper hand) are pushing him away.

That's because most of the time, these worries come out when I have a little too much to drink - which results in me waking up the next day feeling vulnerable and quite frankly, pretty stupid. But I feel like I've lost my rock-like persona and it shows.

Just like actors need to rehearse and musicians need to practice for long hours, so athletes need to hone their sporting skills.

Thus when your partner leaves for training at an unearthly hour in the morning or leaves for another town to take part in a practice camp, don’t create trouble and accuse him/her of neglecting you.

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