Dating site schema

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Dating site schema

This is important because software should be able to consistently consume content whether it’s marked up with microformats1, microformats2, or a combination.An experimental feature for parsing language attributes has also been added.-Tantek The past year saw a huge leap in the number of sites publishing microformats2, from 1000s to now 10s of thousands of sites, primarily by adoption in the Indie Web Camp community, and especially the excellent Known publishing system and continually improving Word Press plugins & themes.

It’s an approach I think works as a good starting point for nearly any project.

During the past year, the popular php-mf2 microformats parser has received quite a few improvements.

My site runs Process Wire and one of the plugins for it uses php-mf2, so I have been spending some time on it.

The specification has reached a level of stability and interoperability where fewer issues are being filed, and those that are being filed are in general more and more minor, although once in a while we find some more interesting opportunities for improvement.

We reached a milestone two weeks ago of resolving all outstanding microformats2 parsing issues thanks to Will Norris leading the charge with a developer spec hacking session at the recent Indie Web Summit where he gathered parser implementers and myself (as editor) and walked us through issue by issue discussions and consensus resolutions.

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These are the new ones: The Java parsers are a particularly interesting development as one is part of the upgrade to Apache Any23 to support microformats2 (thanks to Lewis John Mc Gibbney).

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