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Try leaving some constructive criticism about here, because you give off the vibe of an angry 10 year old.

@Vina Try replacing Krystal's name w/ Park Shinhye, Lee Minho, or other celebs then think again.

Also, wouldn't it hurt you if you were already a depressed person and you read a comment about someone you respect is not talented at all. How about 'If this person isn't talented then I really am useless.' But in general if you are really a true fan of something you start feeling for your idol. I'm still trying to find out what I like, what I really really like. Maybe she can just appear in more variety and talk shows instead.

It's kind of like feeling for a character in a book. Last time I checked it's a forum to leave comments. OH LORD BABY JESUS, I am shaking in my boots thinking about those fans who are "sharpening their knives" ready to attack at a moments notice because I said what's on my mind? When I do, I'll make sure to spend all my time and focus on that. In my opinion, Jung sisters are just being themselves. She's not that pretty too as compared to Park Shin Hye or Kim Ji Won. Wow people have issues hating on gorgeous krystal honestly I like her a lot cause she's real she doesn't act all fake Infront of the camera to get attention, like other idols who tend to be all cute Infront of camera 99% are trying too hard.

I see u guys as a perfect on-screen lovers Unnie, I really like you unnie, u never dissapointing me to your Drama, you're Great in acting, oh no you are The best for me, unnie i wish you all tge best unnie, i wish you have a lot of drama, i'am really really your fan, not just a Fan but im your no. : D Thank you for her profile i really Like jung soo jung... Can't wait to see you in variety shows and also dramas in future :) @anonymously I just turned 11, how did you know?

Her work ethic is quite impressive, as can be seen from her beautiful iceskating performances on Kiss N Cry, her amazing dancing and singing as an Fx member, and now from her touching role as Sena, and I think if she keeps working hard at everything she does, there's so much potential for her to become a great entertainer/actress!

She's def my bias - talented (great dancer; model, a natural imo) not your typical female idol esp bec she can be charming, cute, hot and gorgeous effortlessly; she looks great on anything. Love every chemistry scenes between u & Kang Min Hyuk.

I was really bummed when you said no one is perfect, not even me :( you mean my mom and dad lied to me??? As far as constructive criticism,woooh big word, in an online forum I can see how my comments can be construed as hateful or even judgmental, but I can honestly say that I don't avoid unpleasant circumstances just because there are weak individuals out there who can't take my aggressive or blunt style. so what if @Miela thinks she looks "unfriendly" or "fake"?

BTW how are we suppose to know if the comment is going to be bad? I'd also like to ask a few people; What is your reason for commenting negatively and not constructively criticizing? Whether you are a pestimisst, optimist, or idealist try being a realist for once. YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO LEAVE A LONG SPEECH ABOUT HOW "AMAZING" SHE IS, YET IN THE SAME SENTENCE YOU TALKED SHIT ABOUT HOW SHE'S NOT PERFECT!!! I'm neither a basher or a hater, it's my opinion, you dumbshit! So a recap on Krystal's acting role on HEIRS, is that really called acting? They don't act cute nor sweet cause they don't have to. I'm sorry but people trashing Krystal are booty hurt that she's the best and proves haters wrong.

What is your reason for continuing to read our comments? ~A 13 year old anon that is "supposively" more tolerant than some other people. It's in their nature to act cool, honest and let's say no care at all to what other people say as long as they don't hurt anyone. I bet it's not hard to play your role since you're naturally like that though, skip the bitchy side haha. And most people dislike atleast one part of their body that's doesn't mean it's a personal issue and atleast she didn't get plastic surgery like most high phrase kpop idols.

I do admit Cressy, Jenn, and a few others are not bashers but Miela has gone too far.

And do you think it's reasonable to comment on how she doesn't look good?

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You are so pretty unnie and beautiful in 4 walls everyone kinda hated her in My lovely girl either her acting or character I just didn't really like her character yoon Se na Krystal jung, you're so pretty. I've watched the heirs and I really love the way you act. I know u r now busy,along with the other fx members working on u guys' new album but please do a drama this year!!! who ever partners with her it suits the chemistry.. You are an amazing actress , I started enjoying your movie from the heirs u were great and funny, I really loved my lovable girl too ,the movie was perfect because rain was ur lead man, I really love him too... Krystal , it's the first time seeing you as actress, you are doing well .

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