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Initially I thought I would create a small line share with my friends; I never anticipated it to evolve into the brand it is today. I am inspired by my grandma’s old jewelry, street style, my friends, confident women, painters, sculptors, architects.

Being an entrepreneur by nature I immediately knew I wanted to seize this opportunity and thus, Wolf Circus was born.

For instance, we use the lost wax method of casting, so after a day of creating the original waxes, they have to set overnight and the metal is melted and poured the next day.

Once a piece is cast, the metal needs to be cleaned, ground, soldered, oxidized, and, it takes many hours and many talented hands in our studio to create a single talisman.

To repopulate they threw stones over their shoulders onto the earth and the stones that Pyrrha threw became women, while the stones that Deucalion threw became men.

The name describes not only a physical change - transforming reclaimed metals into jewelry - but also represents a positive transformation of character and inspiration for the wearer.

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It took us many years to realize that as a couple running a business you need to set aside time together every day that’s strictly personal and that’s been the key to our success.

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