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In some cultures dolls that had been used in rituals were given to children.They were also used in children's education and as carriers of cultural heritage.Other tribes in the region have their own distinctive style of akuaba.There is a rich history of Japanese traditional dolls dating back to the Dogū figures (8000–200 BC) and Haniwa funerary figures (300–600 AD).Wooden paddle dolls have been found in Egyptian tombs dating to as early as the 21st century BC.Dolls with movable limbs and removable clothing date back to at least 200 BC.They have been made as crude, rudimentary playthings as well as elaborate art.Modern doll manufacturing has its roots in Germany, from the 15th century.

Examples of such magical devices include the European poppet and the nkisi or bocio of West and Central Africa.

Like children today, the younger members of Roman civilization would have dressed their dolls according to the latest fashions.

When Greek and Roman girls got married they would dedicate their doll to a goddess.

In European folk magic and witchcraft, poppet dolls are used to represent a person for casting spells on that person.

The intention is that whatever actions are performed upon the effigy will be transferred to the subject through sympathetic magic.

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The practice of sticking pins in voodoo dolls have been associated with African-American Hoodoo folk magic.

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  2. John's Gospel was written to combat incipient Gnosticism, a heresy that emphasized human knowledge as a means of salvation. John ) or Jesus and the Father, which fits the context better (John ). The early church took it and filled it with specific meaning. This may be another intentional ambiguity (double entendre) so common in John (cf. Special Topic: Kosmos ▣ "only begotten Son" This means "unique, one of a kind." It should not be understood as "only begotten" in (1) a sexual sense or (2) the sense that there are no other children. This affirmation is repeated from John for emphasis. This must balance any overemphasis on a special group (racial, intellectual, or theological). John -23,27; ; as well as other parts of the NT, Acts ; ; 2 Tim. Turner in his Grammatical Insights into the New Testament, who translates it as "the man who is a disciple of the Truth" (p. Theologically this verse expresses the same truth as Matthew 7. A person cannot truly encounter God in Christ, be filled by the Holy Spirit, and remain the same.